Umm so it has been a while, and one chock full of changes… Here is the drive by edition of it all for anyone interested.

Jersey Sunrise Brooklyn Nights

First was a change in location, and that was a BIG one. Yes you read that right new horizons were exchanged in February 2007. A job came together and in less than 3 weeks between an email asking if I was interested in a contract with another international organisation, to and interview, to a wisdom tooth extraction, to packing up and moving, to my start date I moved from Paris to New York City. And WHOA was it a change in my horizons, one I was not in all fairness prepared for, as I was having dreams of perfection with dominoes FINALLY falling into place for me with dancing with sugarplums I think. To be polite the first three months were HELL on me. I was quite the annoyed little pixie as things did not fall into place as I had anticipated. And I let things bother me disproportionately. Also after so many years abroad, living in the US again has been a very distinctive and painful challenge. One that honestly left me feeling like I was stretched in ways that were NOT pleasant, like I didnt belong in this skin. I was swinging around in the NYC urban jungle, only that guy was not Tarzan and I am sure as fuck not Jane.

Pont Prefere Randomness in my Randonnee

Then I went back to Paris for holiday, and holy shit did I all of a sudden feel me. Never have I been so happy to speak French again in my life. I hung out with friends and put my feet back on terra firma. Then I went and forced myself to stretch from within my skin. I went and traveled for a month on my own, call it my “You lived through hell on earth and are going to turn 30” crisis present to myself. I went and traveled through Morocco and had an utterly incredible time. Then I went and spent time in Spain, being with my people 🙂 Followed with a day in Rome and good friends (with some VERY VERY good food) and a week in Croatia on beaches of such blues that it is incredible.

Truths inevitable, you learn about yourself when you travel and move. Change though I may dislike it, is also a necessary part of life. And I came back to me a bit, and decided that whatever NYC was going to be to me, it was something I needed to experience. So I tried to come back with an open mind. (smattering of Morocco photos still working on the others)

Spices of Life Basketful of Joy Rocking the Kasbah Hard at Work Saharan Shadows Lomo Gull

And then summer swung over me. One of the most startling things I have noticed (in addition to the fact that until you learn to feed off the NYC vibe, it will feed off you) is how time in NYC is such a temporal concept. Blink and 6 months go by with not a whole lot to show for it excepting a senastion like someone has removed an organ and you want it back. But before I knew it, I survived August (with a flooded Subway and 50 block walk in horrific heat and humidity) and I got to go on vacation again 🙂 This one planned for almost a year. To Greece! Dear friend from graduate school was having a christening for her son (husband is Greek) and wedding celebration. And I was the photographer. GOD HELP ME. But that trip (despite 36 hours of travel to get there, my luggage being lost the entire time- I look stellar in my one dress and bikini…) set me back into place. I was on a gorgeous island, I was with friends, and I was swimming in blue waters daily. Priorities shifted in me like tectonic plates shifting along the San Andeas fault line. I am loved and I am me. And you know what I am ready to move on. (with photos to come :))

I still am ambivalent on NYC but I am trying to change my approach and expand my boundaries. Trying to find my niches, my place and my way around this mass jungle. Because there is no doubt that I am more me in Paris and happier there. But life isn’t the same every where and this place has something to teach me too… I am starting over from new- which isn’t easy but it is an opportunity. And if I can keep that in focus I can hope that the other things will fall into place. So I am trying to open my eyes and appreciate the things this place has given me. And one of those things is access to yarn stores and knitting season (as I call the Fall) even if the weather faerie doesn’t agree.