I have been encouraged and convinced…
I have people who remember me and want to meet up… (Ill be there on Sunday if you are interested… and look something like this, only with longer hair


I will be a real knit blogger after this πŸ™‚

Might even be shopping for sweater yarn, cause you know I have a list of about 10 of them I want to make, but what is more apropos and cheesey for an October day (that by the way is 77F!) than to knit me a Central Park Hoodie? Will see what happens!

In the mean time, here is my train knitting… Yes I do still occasionally knit. And I am hoping that I get to do some leaf peeping, animal petting, and that by the time I post next week (I’ll try I promise) that I have this place looking pretty too.

Rhinebeck Knitting