I should have known better, but no time seems to be a good time that gives me enough time to blog anymore. I have a backlog from Rhinebeck time (which I went to with the Silvia and Claudia- ever so grateful for the impetus and bad influences 🙂 But since I don’t have too much time (Thanksgiving and all that approaching) I will go forward with some more (non knitting) photos. See I was gone for a little over 2 weeks to Kenya for work and then my own safari… here are a handful of some of the first round of photos I have processed (larger size- cause I am not sure which size I want to use on the blog…).

Me and My New Friend

Laugh Like A Hyena

Citta or Cheetah

Zebra Arse


I Am Talking To You Buddy


One Scape

Sunset in the Mara
Next up knitting I promise… I have socks to show and I should start knitting a fall sweater too!