Light at the end of the Tunnel

Writing is a muscle that when not used atrophies. And as a creature of habit, I am still working on trying to settle in and settle up my life, including trying to incorporate writing/blogging/finding my voice again back into it. So for the mean time you get my random drivel… and know that the blog redesign it be a coming to a theater near you! Soon 🙂

I have to laugh my arse off  at my day today… and while it isn’t exactly a NO TINK ONLY YOU story, it made me giggle so I figured I’d pass it on to all two people who stumble across this page.

I have been a special bit of a cheeky thing one might say this week… not that this is to be surprising. For all who think I have even an ounce of Pollyanna in me they are quickly and sharply reminded that I am much more like Mrs. Parker (Dorothy Parker that is) than anyone else. And I have no inhibitions about showing my cheek either.

This morning in my commute through the snow (wheee there is white stuff and it has stuck!) I had my head down to the stone and all. Trudging along grudgingly, I am most certainly not a morning person, I was walking along trying to avoid the sludge… and ALMOST at my office. So as I am crossing the last street, on a green walk light no less- said the jaybird… this diplomatic plated car aims to play bumper cars with my lower half. In my refreshing and ever so Pollyanna-ish way, and reminiscent of an altercation that me and an RATP bus once had, I hit the hood of the car and shouted WATCH IT, GREEN LIGHT! And then proceeded to notice that the diplomatic plated car, it happened to belong to the Irish Permanent Representative (whom I know and have had drinks with). There goes my chances of cajoling a futzing of an Irish passport for me…

As a funny yet related aside at every international organisation I work for I some how end up friendly with the Irish delegations. And everyone in the Irish delegations and that I encounter from ministries etc are 90 PROOF LIQUOR POSITIVE I am Irish. As in they think they know my family is from so and so county in Ireland and did I go to UCD or not Irish. I have had one or two of them call me an outright liar when I have told them that while I have the origins and the ability to say “Pog mo thoin”effectively (kiss my arse in Gaelic), it is unfortunate and as much as I would like to say to the contrary, I am not in possession of that passport. My story is that I enunciate, there is a different cadence to my speech (probably as Spanish was my first language and I do have an ear for language and dialects) and thanks to Grandpa Jack in my wee years of linguistic development, I pronounce a few things in a distinctly Irish manner, including the word Irish. That and my looks which are 120% from my Da’s side of the family scream Irish like no other banshee you have heard.

But what really made me laugh myself through lunch was the contrasting hilarity of having a Mongolian colleague of mine get back to me on some of the “Chinese” Lunar New Year things regarding myself. One of the pages was a Wikipedia one… which had this apropos quote “The person born in the year of snake is the wisest and most enchanting of all. He or she can become an Ambassador, a Mediator…” Yeah those bodies on the floor- them be anyone who knows me… and those aren’t convulsions those are fits of uncontrollable laughter.

Coming up next photos of a finished Clapotis in need of a blocking, the swatch erm… sleeve I have been knitting up for the Minimalist Cardigan (must order rest of yarn tonight!) and my entrance into the year 2008 thanks to a very nice friend 🙂