March 2008

And this is a knit blog. Thanks to the glory of Scout (really can I tell you how much I love her- oh let me count the ways :)) I am no longer in the knitting Ice Age. I have joined the real world of grown up knitters.
I haz ball winder and Iz not fraids to use it…

yarn cakes

See those nice little uneven cakes of soft pretty alpaca yarn… Let’s all clap for them, they took me long enough to wind. Next on my path to enlightenment (aka being a real big girl knitter) get a freaking swift! Though I have to admit the roommate swiveling her hips around to untangle the skein and keep a winding rhythm was entertaining. But they, they are going to become a sweater. There will be knitting on this blog! And in the not so very far future a photo of a sweater I predict. Well at least knitted bits of a sweater… we all know how I am with that whole FINISHING stuff. Nope no questions here, I am a process knitter!

Yes… of all things not only am I knitting, but I am making a sweater! Watch out the lightning might strike and smite us all 🙂 Indeed. Back at the end of January I finally got futzed enough to say “yes I go gather yarn, hand-wind it into ball I can throw at people and I knit sweater. *grunt*” You know like the good cavewoman I was. That simple sounding step took enough of an internal debate as I am currently in a life wide funk known as Indecision Central or WHAT THE HELL DO I WANT?? I don’t know… Do I want grey? I don’t know. Do I want claret? I don’t know. Do I want neon yellow? I … wait I do know- no I do not want neon yellow. Thus with my impetuous impulsivity, I decided I will go with a peacock teal-ish colour instead. Nothing screams spring like a jewel tone colour you know.


Then it took me and Google harvesting the powers of evil for good old fashioned internet research. Seriously, what the hell is this I live in NYC and I couldn’t find a store with the Berrocco Ultra Alpaca yarn in stock?? I like to touch the yarn and see the colour if possible before investing in a sweater worth- call me old fashioned. Oh internets again let me declare how I loves thee. I cannot heap enough praises on the Yarn and Fiber Company. When I wanted to “test” out the Berrocco Ultra Alpaca for the Minimalist Cardigan, they not only had the yarn, competitively priced and in the colour I wanted but also… they sent it with free shipping, even for one skein (but also for the additional five I got to make the sweater more than an indecently proposed sleeve). SCORE! I love you, hug you and call you GEORGE!


Even better at this point, I swatched a sleeve, actually I have both sleeves done and the back half way done as well. This was followed by the realisation that it would have been smarter to knit the fronts and backs as one unwieldy piece as seaming moss stitch is not exactly a favorite pastime of mine. Eh. Smart never claimed to reside here. An aside… photographing two sleeves is a definite challenge. Really how interesting can you make it look? Silvia managed to have an Orchid that helped. Me I only had the anemic jade plant… I so obviously lost that battle. Anyways, since I have travel going on (am back in Paris and Copenhagen this weekend, and before you get jealous Paris is for storage unit clearance action, and Copenhagen is to visit the best friend) I might just finish this sweater before spring if I am a good and dedicated girl.

That said I don’t know how this sweater is going to work out on me. It could be a bit boxy on me. Being the petite linebacker I am, that could make me look like I am GOING WIDE. And I am a bad swatcher as I haven’t gotten the sleeve wet to see if it is going to expand in gigonormous proportions… Life on the edge- I is living it!

Next up… the fronts let us see if I can get them cast on before I leave the RIGHT side of the pond 🙂 Until then let us all ponder upon the beauty of my one perfectly wound yummy yarn cake!



Charlie's Pillow

I am using this as the reason I haven’t posted yet. It is not that I don’t have blog material…

At first it was that I couldn’t find the card reader. I mean I have the post written and ready to go, just waiting for pictures. Right, then I went to purchase one. B&H (where I spent more money than I honestly should have given that the exchange rate is going to rape and pillage me next week- money that is now a new toy and one that enabled me to post this photo thanks to the cool memory card I shelled out for) sold me the wrong one. Sounded like the right one. Got home- wrong one. That is being returned! So I guess I’ll blame technology for the lack of my real post.

And while I am playing this entertaining round of the blame game. I am going to blame Charlie for not knitting on my sweater this weekend… I had been hoping I would finish the back this weekend. Sigh. See Charlie is a very misguided dog. One who ate my peeps!, and who is fairly certain that my yarn and sweater back is his pillow. In the world according to Charlie: this sweater is totally not going to happen 🙂

FYI: That blue is the Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Oceanic Mix (you can’t see the pretty green bits that fluff around in there, I promise they are there) that I am using for my Minimalist Cardigan.

The Tunnel

Once again it is time to revise review and rededicate. February is an off month in my opinion. While it can be the shortest month of the year (even in a leap year) it often feels like the longest one of the year. The novelty of winter is long gone, spring is still off on the horizon and the grey oh the grey and occasional sludge… they continue. I also think that something about this month can create a palpable sense of unease, that thing you cant put your finger on but that has you in a funk (of whatever sort) nonetheless. But while I cant control the month, I can try to frame my perspective better. And when I chose to look for the positive I realised that over the past 4-5 years February has been a momentous and in some instances very happy month for me. In the 3 of the past 4 years I have started anew in my career, directions that have lead me to here, twice those shifts have been full of glee induced hope. That alone has defined many of my experiences and brought new people into my life. So I have a choice… I can focus on the dark or look towards the light. I choose the light. I choose to think of February is a bit like me… petite, packed full of punch and worth the weight/wait. May not have gotten through everything I would have liked or really ticked off to much additional on the list, but I do think I am moving closer to living my life in a manner that will help me to feel more organic again. So all is on track in my book.

Purchase (10/101)

  1. Treat myself to a massage or a facial once a year
  2. Buy a Lomo camera
  3. Buy one piece of art
  4. Buy fresh flowers for my room once a month for a year (bugger with the short month my Sunday bodega flowers fell into March- sigh)
  5. Buy a new “professional” set of luggage
  6. Buy one piece of investment furniture
  7. Get a subscription to National Geographic Traveller, New Yorker, Economist
  8. Buy an antique map of Paris and frame it
  9. Buy a new DSLR upgrade
  10. Find and buy one pair of killer jeans

Health (15/101)

  1. Run/Participate in a 5k, 10k, and half marathon
  2. Participate in an olympic distance triathalon
  3. 30 day trial… bikram yoga 3 times a week
  4. Visit a nutritionist/naturopath
  5. Do a master body cleansing/fast/colonic

Travel (31/101)

  1. Rent a beach house for a getaway
  2. Go surfing in Costa Rica or Hawaii
  3. Visit 3 national parks (i.e. Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon, Muir Woods, Yosemite, Moab, The Arches, Grand Tetons)
  4. Take a working vacation at a winery in the south of France
  5. Play in the tulips in Netherlands and Skagit Valey
  6. Visit 10 friends
  7. Rent a convertible and go on a road trip
  8. Do an Ashram in India or Bali
  9. Camp out in Wadi Rum
  10. Climb up Macchu Picchu
  11. Visit a buddhist temple
  12. Watch an opera at La Scala and a ballet at Opera Garnier
  13. See the northern lights in Iceland
  14. Go to Ireland
  15. Go on a crazy Thelma Louise girls trip
  16. Stay in a luxurious 5 star hotel

Finance (42/101)

  1. Work to better credit score (by 50-100 points)
  2. Contribute at least 50% of max out to my Roth IRA annually (approx. $2000-2500) (I have the money set aside but it willbe contributed on April 1st)
  3. Create, maintain and track my budget for one year (budget for this past month was kind of all over the place… need to settle the accounts down now that I have a paycheck again, and will be able to submit for all my reimbursements next month)
  4. Pay off all credit cards and maintain zero balances (all but one credit card have zero balances, paid off the line of credit, though small balance was put back on it)
  5. Save $5 for 1001 days (So far so good- created a separate account to manage/track it as well)
  6. Do my taxes annually (2007 done, to be revised once more next month and sent in on the 1st of April)
  7. Invest in retirement and net worth (10% of income)
  8. Pay off 50% of remaining student loans (approx. $10,000)
  9. Invest in socially responsible mutual funds (5% of income) (Revising this goal to 2% when I did the numbers and started looking into it… this looked more reasonable)
  10. Get a major credit card: use and pay of in full monthly
  11. Save $10000 towards a major investment (purchase of property etc)

Learning (53/101)

  1. Take a photography course on light and flash
  2. Learn how to fly the trapeze
  3. Take an intensive Spanish language course in Spain
  4. Get my a scuba diving certification
  5. Learn how to drive a Vespa
  6. Take a wine tasting course
  7. Learn how to dye yarn
  8. Learn more about buddhism
  9. Research travel photography and writing (Took a less than stellar travel photography course and went to a speaking engagement on aid agencies and photojournalism that was much more stellar :))
  10. Take skiing lessons in the alps
  11. Learn 5 Photoshop tricks

Reading (59/101)

  1. Go to 3 book readings
  2. Read 6 classics and 5 works pre- 1950
  3. Read a banned book, a booker book, a pulitzer prize book
  4. Read the Tao Te Ching
  5. Read 3 biographies per year (Almost done with one on Dorothy Parker)
  6. Enter all my books into Library Thing (All books on my NYC bookshelves are in :))

Creativity (69/101) (more…)