Charlie's Pillow

I am using this as the reason I haven’t posted yet. It is not that I don’t have blog material…

At first it was that I couldn’t find the card reader. I mean I have the post written and ready to go, just waiting for pictures. Right, then I went to purchase one. B&H (where I spent more money than I honestly should have given that the exchange rate is going to rape and pillage me next week- money that is now a new toy and one that enabled me to post this photo thanks to the cool memory card I shelled out for) sold me the wrong one. Sounded like the right one. Got home- wrong one. That is being returned! So I guess I’ll blame technology for the lack of my real post.

And while I am playing this entertaining round of the blame game. I am going to blame Charlie for not knitting on my sweater this weekend… I had been hoping I would finish the back this weekend. Sigh. See Charlie is a very misguided dog. One who ate my peeps!, and who is fairly certain that my yarn and sweater back is his pillow. In the world according to Charlie: this sweater is totally not going to happen 🙂

FYI: That blue is the Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Oceanic Mix (you can’t see the pretty green bits that fluff around in there, I promise they are there) that I am using for my Minimalist Cardigan.