I am still settling a lot of these things inside of me. Not a box of rocks rattling obnoxiously anymore, but there are some rocks that need to stop rolling.

This time it is a bit more than bittersweet, as this time when I left Paris… I left with all my belongings. This trip was to clean out the storage unit and really MOVE myself forward into the present. No more saying I am adjusting. This is where it is at and where I am. Time to be in the now. I know it had to be done, I even know that it is good that I did it (I should have done it 6 months ago as a matter of fact), but that doesn’t mean I wanted to. But limbo is not a good place for me, and swinging around for la vie en rose isn’t productive either. So a year later I am closing that door for the time being. Paris will always be a part of me, I still am there at least 2-3 times a year on average, and I will live there again, I dont doubt that at all… but for now I am not grounded there with my things, just my friends. At the same time I am not 100% grounded in NYC, but I am trying to move it forward.

That said the best part of my trip was catching up with my friends. Sometimes you forget how rejuvenating certain people in your life are to you. To be there with people that I know know me and love me for me. As I bounce around the planet and they do too, we all realise with those who matter and how much that community and its acceptance can mean to you. To recharge to feel like you FIT (like that perfect little black dress you have does or how that “designed for you” sweater does) makes a girl happy. The battle is just to remember, that there are those people in your life. And that despite whatever you might think… They like you. Yes Mikey they really do, and on top of that they know you too and they still LIKE YOU.

And then there is a back that is finished. Actually there is a back and one of the fronts that is finished with the last front started. But I cant really make them more interesting than I will make them when they are all in one pile and done (knitting photos leave me a little confounded sometimes). In the final knitting stretch now. Luckily for sweater possibilities, mother nature and the weather fairy seem incapable of taking their pills like the rest of us and the weather has been of a schizophrenic nature… so if I can manage to get my act together I could plausibly by next week have a finished knit to figure out how I am going to block and then force myself to seam up.

And for those interested a few small photos from Kobenhavn :