I know that very few people come round, and that is ok. God knows I dont really blog anymore…

But here are my vageuties… I finally made a decision for myself, one that I have needed to make for a long time but resisted as I hate change, only sacrificing myself is no longer really appealing to me. So I went with it, felt good about it and my change, was looking forward to it. Then the rug was pulled out from underneath me on it. And I feel crappy and looped. Trying not to full on pity party and wonder why cant things go positively for me, or why cant it just be resolved. There is one other wee option, short of starting over again from scratch and hoping for the best.

So if anyone out there sees this… and can spare a positive thought… I will be eternally grateful and promise that the next post will have at least a photo of yarn (in my moment of thinking that things were coming together and my impending birthday… I bought myself some Beaujolais, not the wine but a yarn named after it and I LOVE the colour!!)