To be a little less vague… at the time of my last post, I was playing a game here in NYC called roommate roulette. Current situation is untenable. Current roommate is ok as a friend but as a roommate the disrespect and inconsideration I felt was too much for me to swallow anymore. I was also slightly burned as I found a place, moved myself into that mentally and it fell through. But out of the first round there was one other place I REALLY liked. And over the weekend of agony, I waited to find out if she would offer it to me…

Well she did. Then I distrusted it until there were keys in my hand and checks in theirs. And I think I might have won the roulette on this go round. Distinctly unlike me, I am feeling very positive about what is to come and enjoying things (even though this month will be a bit rough as I have a working holiday in Seattle, friends in town,  a move, and another round of contract renewals). But one thing I definitely know in all of this is that even though my independant self *HATES* asking for anyone else’s “help,” I believe in the power of all your good thoughts (not to mention that with little to consider this a blog about, some of you guys still come round and that alone makes me smile)

So for that… I thank you immensely. And promise to post again soon (I have 101 in 1001 to update if nothing else) Also I give sincere apologies for the lack of a beaujolais photo, it has been packed already… but if it helps this is what I did on my birthday, which was going on around the same time 🙂 31 is looking like it could be a good year!

Flying Trapeze